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Welcome to Wonbin-a-day, a community where you get your daily fix of FT Island's handsome former rapper and guitarist, Oh Wonbin. ♥ Inspired by theresa-lynne's a-day communities. Join?

Mod Note; Officialy, as of January 28th, 2009 (Korean Standard Time), Oh Wonbin is now a former member of FT Island. Though he would like to still stay active as a celeb, he has not made up his mind about whether he wants to be an actor or go solo. Please continue to always support him. Our job as fans is to always give our best and show him all the love and support we can. Thank you, from; Meghan & Natalie

Position: Guitar & Vocal
Nickname: Brat WonBin
Birthday: 1990.03.26
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Blood Type: O
School: Seongji Godeung School, 2nd year // University: Kyung Gi University
Hobbies: Playing (all sports), reading and making music
Family: Parents, me
Special Ability: Youthfulness (?)
Charm Point: When laughing, the half moon eye shape and a dimple.
What I Like: I like playing games, sleeping & eating~ I like all~
Motto: None... But I'll think about it!!
For My Future Love: "When will you appear in front of me? ㅠㅠ I'm so lonely ~~"

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